Top Tips on Writing a Successful Entry

1. Follow the entry criteria:

Don't exceed the word count, provide the information that's asked for and make sure the entry is suited to the award you're entering it for. Remember these awards only cover UK organisations or UK-based projects.

2. Use facts and figures:

If you're making a claim about the success of a digital project, or waxing lyrical about a wonderful individual, use facts and data to back up your claims; it gives the judges information that really ground your claims in reality.

3. Be creative:

Don't write dry, technical copy weighed down with marketing doublespeak and waffle: sell your brilliance with concise, eye-catching and informative language that stands out. Similarly, don't feel you can only submit text-heavy documents - well-designed PDFs with images and quotes will be just as well received and can really stand out. However, a well-written, nicely presented text entry will always be welcome - the most important thing is the quality of the entry.

4. Use multimedia: 

Video submissions alongside your core entry are also encourages, as long as they presented in a fresh, fun and concise manner - three minutes tops should be more than enough. And make sure it adheres to the brief and the judging criteria of that category.

5. Team awards:

Make sure it's clear why the team at large deserves an award, explaining how they work together, collaborate and deliver, rather than focusing too much on the project(s) or any one individual.

6. Project awards

Ensure the project is the star of the submission - why has it been so successful, how it has benefited the organisation or end users and why it's so interesting.

7. Individual awards

Make sure you explain why this person is so brilliant - how they delivered on a complex, ground breaking project, or always go above and beyond to ensure success. Make the judges wished they worked for them.

8. Testimonials:

If you can include relevant testimonials from customers, partners, of fellow employees then do! Judges will definitely consider these as part of the entry, so make sure they're real and relevant.

9. Tell us everything:

The judges will be looking for anything that stands out, so if you think it's worth explaining how the team slept under their desks to ensure a project was a success on time, put it in. Or, if you think a detailed breakdown of why you choose a certain development structure for a major project was the core reasons for its success, then tell the judges. You know why you think you deserve an award, so tell the judges this, not what you think they want to hear.

10. Boast, show off and sell yourself:

These awards are about celebrating the best of the best in digital, so don't hold back - sell yourself, your projects and your individuals to convince the judges you deserve the trophy ahead of everyone else.

Important information

  • Do not submit marketing copy, it will not be accepted as an entry 
  • Your entry must be specific to the category, do not enter the same submission across multiple categories 
  • All entrants must have presence in the UK