Cass Cooper, The Channel Company
Cass Cooper
DEI Community Leader, Inclusive Leadership Network
The Channel Company

Cass Cooper, MHR is laser focused on bringing equity and inclusion to the IT Channel and Tech by building inclusive cultures and removing bias from institutional processes. As the DEI Community Leader at The Channel Company, Cooper assists organizations as they create cultures that thrive in business because of their inclusivity. She’s an expert chaos whisperer, assisting leaders as they make sense of the cultural complexities of bias and exclusion. She builds on what teams do well, while filling in the gaps of what’s unknown to streamline processes to create healthy corporate cultures and increase a sense of belonging. Cooper knows that data-driven change management is the key to inclusion, because when organizations know better, they do better. Cooper received her Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies from DePaul University, Chicago, and a Master of Human Relations, Inclusive Leadership, from the University of Oklahoma. Her 20 years as an award-winning sales, events, and hospitality professional has fueled her passion for people, processes, and organizational culture. Her superpower is making sense of what may feel like chaos while developing business practices that put people at the center. The future of successful businesses hinges on their organizational ability to maintain a space where their members are seen, valued, respected, and protected. Cooper is an avid reader, podcast consumer, and mom to one tiny human and many plants.