Cat Mackay, Atos
Cat Mackay
Technical Product Owner and Manager
With a background in Physics, Cat has spent her career tackling hard problems through innovative solutions. She started her career as a solutions architect where she first discovered coding and developed a new way to cluster servers to be migrated, by liking them to neurons in the brain. Her next big challenge was to digitise the np-hard fixture scheduling problem for the Premier League, a problem that has more solutions than atoms in the universe. Intrigued by this unique problem she found a connection between fixture scheduling and board games, which eventually lead to the algorithm including aspects from Google's Alpha-Go paper and reducing schedule creation from 3 months to a matter of minutes.
Cat has always been a supporter of change and innovation, which allowed her to discover, bid for and then lead a public sector project to utilise ML to improve the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable people. Reducing the time it takes these people get the support they require dramatically. This project gained so much attention because of the transformation it presented that she ended up demonstrating it to the Cabinet Office. More recently Cat has just finished leading a build of a hydrogen digital twin prototype, one of the first created in the world to support the next generation of renewable energy. 
Aside from this Cat is the youngest female to ever join the Atos Scientific Community, a select group which produces the thought leadership for Global Atos. She is a recruitment driver for the most recent female graduate cohort and has maintained a 100% success rate for those offered roles into Atos. She delivered multiple talks to inspire the next wave of software enthusiasts, including CodeFirstGirls, Women in Engineering lunches and global leadership events. Cat also forms a key members of the self-run Atos talent programme FUEL, identified as one of the top 40 talents across the Globe.