James Robbins, Winning CIO
James Robbins
Founder and CEO
Winning CIO

James is in his 6th year as a judge for Women in Tech Excellence. As a CIO with 20 years expeirence in tech and digital roles, James has always championed diverse teams to encourage innovation and deliver productivity into digital transformation programmes. A vociferous campaigner for Action for Children and UK IT's community sleep out, Byte Night (now Boycott your Bed), whilst CIO of Royalmail Parcelforce, James encouraged his team to develop the code for the award winning Safespaces.  The campaign to support sufferers of domestic abuse when browsing the internet is now found in the footer of most major UK organisations websites. He continues to lead 40:20:20 IT leadership teams in his fractional and charitable work.

James started his executive career aged 26 and has delivered tech and digital investments that enabled transformational change as part of executive teams at Northern Rail, Northumbrian Water Group and Drax.

He has also some significant sovreighn wealth and private equity achievements as part of M&A growth and divesture exec teams, delivering hugely productive greenfield tech and digital environments for Dutch Railways, ArrowXL and Royal Mail Parcelforce.

James founded WinningCIO in 2018 to support CIO's, CTO's, tech and digital leaders in the board room. Helping to close the gap bewteen tech and digital programmes and business operations.

WinningCIO helps leaders to achieve this in two key ways:

1) By improve productivity in tech and digitial projects through fractional consulting. WinningCIO's associates support organisations in architecting and sourcing their digital programmes.  Clients include: Jacobs, NCFE, South Eastern Railway, LNER, Quadient, Currency Fair and Zai.

2) WinnigCIO's marketing and events team support tech vendors to better understand their markets without resorting to cold calls or low value sales pipeline meetings with guest speakers tackling topics such as Global Macro-economics, Rebel Ideas, Rapid Innovation, AI for non exec's and Sustainability whilst helping tech vendors better understand their markets without resorting to cold calls or low value sales pipeline meetings. Clients include: Expleo Group, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Blueprism, Pyramid Analytics, Reltio and Post Tag.