Tanya Holden
Information Governance Manager
Westminster City Council

More ‘I’ than ‘T’, Tanya originally fell into a Data Protection role, which turned out to be a lucky break as it has led to a career in the evolving field of information governance/management, becoming ever more relevant as the art of the possible in technology becomes even greater. As a result she is a specialist in legislation such as Data Protection UK/GDPR, Freedom of Information and Regulation of Investigatory Powers, working in the public sector, for nearly twenty years. Tanya won the Returner of the Year award 2022 in recognition of a number of achievements made following a return to work from maternity leave within a relatively short space of time, whilst still a new mother. Tanya believes in working to inspire her child as they grow and make decisions about their own path in life, and in supporting women to both recognise their potential and to celebrate their achievements (such as by way of these awards). Tanya has since been developing her personal leadership skills, including coaching and mentoring, gaining a distinction for a CMI apprenticeship in Leadership.