Computing is committed to the journey in becoming more sustainable. By using the guidelines set out by the Sustainable Event Alliance, we aim to meet the International Standard ISO 20121. The goal is to reduce paper consumption across events and improve recycling rates, curb food waste and alter menus with an aim to include locally sourced, organic produce. We have also committed to deliver carbon offsetting at events wherever possible and provide delegates with accessible venues.

We will be closely evaluating each event and considering how we can improve in the following areas; energy, transport, water usage, recycling, economic and local environment/community.



We’re delighted to partner with Just One Tree for virtual conferences. For every delegate that registers and attends, JustOneTree will plant a tree. This initiative will help to restore biodiversity and make the world a better and greener place.


OLIO connects neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away. We will get in contact with venues to start this collaboration to try to reduce food waste and give it to who needs it more. At the end of each event, they will come and collect food leftovers. OLIO is currently carbon negative (which means they remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they generate).

Let’s switch to digital!

We are trying to decrease our use of paper by switching to digital! At our events, you’ll be able to find QR code which will direct you to our Event Programme.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

We always try to choose easily accessible venues. We usually aim for a venue with good links to public transportation. If the location is very far, we encourage and help guests to travel by train.

Awards Trophies

We carefully chose our provider for Awards Trophies. EFX produce our trophies, which are made of sustainable and recyclable materials, including waste plastic and wood from sustainably certified suppliers. All their awards are carefully packed using eco-friendly packaging including boxes, paper tape, recycled green bubble wrap and biodegradable loose fill.