Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the entry fee?

There is no entry fee for these awards; all categories are free to enter


Q: Can I nominate multiple colleagues?

A: Yes – just repeat the nomination process for each person


Q: Can I nominate yourself?

A: Absolutely!


Q: How many categories can I nominate someone in?

A: You can nominate someone in a maximum of three categories.


Q: How many people can be nominated from the same company?

A:  There is no limit on how many colleagues are nominated from the same firm


Q: Can I nominate a woman from outside the UK?

A: Women based outside of the UK may be nominated, but their organisation must have presence in the UK


Q: What is the eligibility criteria for these awards?

A: We accept nominations for all women working in tech – whether that’s your company industry, work in tech or in an IT department – we want to hear about it!


Q: When do nominations close?

A: Nominations close Friday 28 April at midnight.


Q: What’s the next stage after the nomination process?

A: Nominees will be contacted once the entry deadline has passed and asked to complete a detailed questionnaire on their role and what they think should be done to encourage more women into the Tech industry. Once these have been submitted, judging will begin and we will announce a shortlist. Once the shortlist is announced, we will invite our finalists and their colleagues to join us at the awards ceremony at Magazine London on 23 November.